Bank, insurance and financial services

Banking and Financial services

  • BICIGUI: advising PROPARCO (a subsidiary of the French Development Agency) in connection with an equity increase, restructuring and related regulatory aspects of BICIGUI (a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, and the largest commercial bank in Guinea).
  • DEG Divestment: advising Deuchtche Investitoin–und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG) on its divestment from a major commercial bank and on related regulatory aspects.
  • Citibank: advising Citibank in the structuring and issuance of a letter of credit and on related regulatory aspects.
  • China Development Bank: advising on structuring the financing of road infrastructures to be used for the evacuation of mining products (including on the appropriate licenses and authorizations, security interest/bonds and compensation of local population affected by the project).


  • UGAR: advising UGAR, the largest insurance company in Guinea, in dealing with its conflicts with the insured, victims of the insured, third parties and other litigations that involve UGAR
  • Zurich Insurance: advising Zurich Insurance on various regulatory aspects related insurances and re-insurance